dream 1 (creampied before school):

I want to live with my daddy and be taken care of, given constant attention and love. The purest form of love is being creampied. All I dream of is being taken to school by my daddy, and when he pulls up in the school's parking lot, he doesn't let me out of the car. He bends me over, pulls my panties to the side and fucks me relentlessly. Then he pumps huge ammounts of his sticky, thick cum into my tight little pussy, till there's no more space in my womb and it is leaking. To finish it off, daddy pulls my panties back into place and pats my pussy, sending me off into school while filled to the brim with his delicious and precious cum! It leaks out of me throughout the day and all the girls at school are jealous because they don't have daddy's as good as my daddy, and teachers are also jealous because my tight little cunt belongs to you, not to them, and all they can do is stare while their erections start to ache.

dream 2 (belonging to many men):

This one is a bit weirder I guess. I want to be owned by many men. Like imagine a house, in it live like 10 guys, all at least 40, and I live with them and belong to them. Everyday, I wake to one of their dicks in me, their thrusts taking me out of dream land into the real world. I want to be babied by them, called cute names, to be spoiled, hugged and kissed by them all the time. I want them to feel free to just fuck me whenever they desire. It doesn't matter if I am sleeping, bathing, eating breakfast, doing homework, I want to constantly have a cock in me, because I want to be their cum dumpster! I want to swallow their cum before bedtime but to be tucked into bed caringly and have a bedtimestory read to me in a sweet loving tone. I want to constantly have my holes filled but I want them to nurture me and take very good care of me, I want to be constantly loved. I want to be their little dumb girl, their little doll, their possession! I want to go out on trips with them, and for them to act possessive of me in public, to make me give them blowjobs in public.

dream 3 (PE class):

(I have many dreams for pe class, so I guess I'll just put them all here)

I wish my coach would fuck me. He's 38, has a wife and kids but I just want him to absolutely ruin me. I dream of a day I take a tight white shirt to class, without a bra underneath, and when it's break time during practice, I'll spill my water over my chest, making my tiny pink perky nipples hard. I'll ask coach if I can go and change, and he'll see my breasts, sticking to the shirt. Coach would be so hard, he'd follow me into the locker room and offer help. He'd take off my shirt, leaving me with my volley shorts (that never have panties under them). Coach would cup my little tits, so tiny and sweet, characteristic of innocense. His hands so big, strong, veiny and adult, on a youthful and sultry body. His cock would be aching for attention, practically begging for the removal of his sweatpants, it's tip leaking precum and forming a pool of the liquid on the cloth. My pussy wouldn't be much different, it'd be so wet you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the dampness of the shirt or the slit between my legs. "Let me help you clean this mess" he'd say brushing his fingers along my tits, squishing them and moving them around like an analog stick. "thanks coach, i think i also need help cleaning the dampness down here" I'd say pointing at my pussy. Coach would remove my shorts and be surprised but not disapointed by the lack of underwear. "Woah, you have it very messy down there" he'd say sliding his fingers accross my folds. "We need to take care of that" said coach, now sticking a finger in my pussy. "You're a tight little one, aren't you?" coach would be surprised by how tight I am, truth is, I can't even fit two fingers of mine, let go a huge cock like coach's!!"Not anymore!" Coach would bend me over the benches, drop his pants and align his cock wth my entrance, shoving it all in with no warning or any sort of care, his hands covering my mouth as I moan in pleasure and pain. Coach would thrust furiously into me, as if I were a piece of meat. He'd slap my ass and call me a slut, whore, cum dumpster, human fleshlight, and much more. I'd cry, in pleasure of course, as coach unleashes his load into me. He'd take some of his precious cum and slap it on my chest. "Now go and show your classmates how much of a whore you are!"

dream 4 (The boy next door)

The boy next door is so cute. He is kinda nerdy and I know he loves anime and cute anime girls with small tits :3. Once I went to his house, his mom invited me to go play videogames with him. I obviously accepted. I wore a oretty pink skirt, some white converse, pink panties and a cute hello kitty top, no bra ofc! He was all blushy and flustered through the whole thing. I wish we had gone to his bedroom and played in other ways. My big big dream is that we hang out in his room, him being the shy boy he is he wouldn't take the first step. I'd probably bring no panties, and sit on his lap, acting as if nothing special is going on, hoping he can feel my damp cunt aching for his cock. Then I'd slowly grind against him, acting innocent, and take his cock out off the sweatpants he always wear. I'd put it me and start riding him, slowly, and smiling at him. I just want him to fuck the living shit out of me as if I were those lolis he likes so much.

dream 5 (My friend's older brother)

So, my friend Rachel has an older brother, he is so so cute! He's a college dropout, he's 25. He is tall and skinny, like a heroin baby :D. I love all types of men, but one specific type of guy that I like is that young adult dude that clearly has issues, loves energy drinks, plays videogames and watches anime all day. I know he likes schoolgirls, I bet his dream is to stick it up some bratty bitch's ass! My dream is like, to go over their house, while Rachel is still at school. Pretend I didn't know and simply wait around and snoop into Mike's room!! I'd wear some jean shorts, a cute top without a bra and vans :D Just imagine his face, seeing my skanky ass walking into his room, sitting on his lap and asking for his sister. I bet he'd grab my ass and slowly take off my shorts. I'd ride that fucking cock and milk it till it is fucking dry! Just imagine the makeout sessions!! Mmm, his bony hands all over my heroin chic body. Mmm yes!!

here I'll talk about tease dreams

coach teases my cunt

Throughout practice I could feel coach's eyes on me, as I moved and played. It made me feel so horny my pussy was leaking. As I played I tried to be as hot as I could. I wasn't wearing any underwear, ofc, and my clothes we're tight. My cunt was pulsing, practically begging for coach to just fuck me mid practice... Practice was finally over, and I was so horny my vision was clouded. "Billy!" coach shouted, "I need to talk with you". As all the girls in the team left the gym I approached him, my eyes filled with lust. "We need to talk". He moved his hands, motioning for me to sit on his lap, facing him. "You haven't been playing as good as usual, is anything going on?" Coach asked, putting his hands on my waist. His hands so big, pushing me against his crotch, keeping me down. Coach's boner was huge on his sweatpants. My thin booty shorts weren't enough to stop the dampness of my pussy from spreading into coach's clothing. His hands guided my hips, making me roll and grind on his bulging erection."You're one of our best players Billy, you can tell me anything, I'm here to help you with any sort of issue you might have" Coach said pushing me down further into his crotch. He'd swiftly pull my shorts to the side and keep me grinding. "I care about all the members of the team equally, but after all the efforts you've put into winning, we all have a special place in our hearts for you Billy" coach's right hand would slide along my hip and brush his finger caressing my clit. He'd slide a finger under my pussy, slightly inserting it in me, using his thumb to stimulate my clit."Whatever you're going through we are all willing to help" coach would pull out his throbbing cock. I want him to put it in me, but coach wouldn't give me that satisfaction. Taking his right hands back to my hips, coach pushed me against him, closing the distance between my lil pussy and his huge cock. He started sliding me accross his cock, just rubbing me against it. It felt so good, but I wanted to feel it in me, for my tight walls to cling to it in pleasure. I wanted to moan so bad, but I felt like I was unable to due to the way coach was behaving. "Is everything ok? You're so quiet, do you want to talk about what has been happening?" I was moving my hips rubbing my clit allong the lenght of coach's cock, that was leaking precum, while keeping eye-contact with him. My mouth was open and I was breathing slowly, as coach's big hands pushed me fiercly and faster against his dick. I noticed he was trying to keep his calm but definitely he was close to his orgasm, so I helped him and sped up my thrusting. His hands clung into my hips, now furiously rubbing me on him. Coach quickly grabbed my legs and put them over my shoulder and aligned his cock with my vagina, shoved it in and came. He removed his dick from me, right after he was finished. I cried in pain, my cunt wasn't made for such a big cock!!But happily he came in me! I wish he had fucked me instead, but I was content. Coach pulled my shorts back into place. "You can go now Billy, you can count on me for anything."

ways I want to tease men

-pressing my ass against their crotches in crowded spaces, look back at them and smile kindly :)

-wear nothing under my school skirt and bend over in front of them, to "pick up something from the ground"

-flash my pussy under the table if we are at a restaurant

-deep throat my popsicle while maintaining strict eye-contact

-spill drinks on my shirt when I'm not wearing a bra

-suck on their fingers in public

-in public transport rub my bare pussy all over their boners, maybe turn around and rub my nipples on their chest.

-put their hand over one of my breasts

crazy ammounts of cum

I wish I could get a HUGE unrealistic and creamy creampie!! I'm talking like a whole ass litre of thick tasty cum put into my cunt!! I just imagine daddy bending me over and thrusting deep into me, cumming, his balls touching me. When he pulls out, he pulls up my panties and makes me walk arounf with a crazy ammount of cum dripping down my legs as I go by with my day. I just imagine being at school, and suddenly getting the back of my body pressed against someone, and in a split secondmy slippery pussy is filled with a huge cock. In no time I'd feel the mushy liquid :D

sweet men

I love men that treat me as an ethereal being, that treat me good. That feel like I am delicate and magic. That see and are able to articulate their love for me in words other than "Hey sexy". Men that put a little bit of effort, it is boring to deal with people.

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